Ben Aqua '4C1D' EP

Pana 'Cloud Nocturne No. 1' EP

poolboy92 'Lips' EP

Creepside 'I KN0' EP

Ben Aqua 'Virtual Anticipation'

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Ben Aqua 'Smile' Shirt


Om Unit and Ben Aqua at 808K Austin
Oct. 15, 2014@ Barcelona (209 E. 6th St., Austin, TX)10pm-2am$10

Distal - Space Retrograde Opera Tour w/ Ben Aqua, Mike G, Sharawi, Lefty
October 4, 2014@ Red 7 Austin
Presented by Protos Festival

Ben Aqua's Resident Advisor podcast is FACT Mag’s Mix of the Week

Regular visitors to FACT should know we’re not shy in letting people know about our passion for PC Music and their legion of like-minded furry chums. Not everyone feels the same way however, and the music has split the scene in half, with opponents only getting more vocal as it proliferates rapidly. This latest Resident Advisor mix from #FEELINGS boss drew such a negative response from RA’s comment board that the editor had to step in to calm down the baying masses – they didn’t like it (whether they’d heard it or not) and they weren’t afraid to call for blood. It’s sad really, because the mix is a creative, enjoyable blend of the kind of boundary-free dance oddness that’s been getting us all hot under the collar recently. Aqua blends PC Music gold (A.G Cook’s Hannah Diamond-featuring ‘Keri Baby’, GFOTY’s ‘Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It’) with a slew of tracks from the #FEELINGS label and a bunch of his own edits, and – honestly – it’s a damn sight more interesting and invigorating than yet another grayscale minimal techno workout.

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Resident Advisor Podcast: RA.434 Ben Aqua
"As an online underground primer, Ben Aqua’s RA podcast is right on the money. It’s fast, slippery and wilfully garish, blending tracks by key players like A. G. Cook and SOPHIE with music from his own #FEELINGS stable."


Ben Aqua live at Stargayzer Festival (Austin) on Sept. 12, 2014 @ 10:30pm w/ Christeene and Kingdom